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Date archive for: June 2015

A Great Week

A GREAT week for the book and for me as an author!

Book sales and reviews are continuing to rise. Thanks to everyone for making this happen!

The print version is now available from Amazon.  Click here and you will be given the choice to purchase the eBook version or the print version.

I am on a 90-day commitment with Amazon which means that I cannot supply the book to other online booksellers until the 90-day commitment is finished. This commitment allows Kindle Unlimited members to download the book for free.  After this is over I may open the book to iBooks and Nook, but I am still undecided.

Part of this website at Pressary is also dedicated to independent authors. If you have ever dreamed of writing or publishing your own book I can help. For a limited time, I will offer my advice and suggestions and give you some pointers for absolutely free! Just contact me, robert AT pressary.com, for more information.

Next week is a big week, I will start writing The Donner Syndrome with wild abandon!

Thanks for stopping by!

“Carnies and Wildcats-Ulciscor” eBook is Now on Amazon

C&W-ULCISCOR Full Resolution2

Carnies and Wildcats – Ulciscor is now available on Amazon. The Kindle eBook version is ready now for download. Amazon Kindle Unlimited customers can download the book for free!

Find it on Amazon here for only $2.99 & FREE to Kindle Unlimited Members!

If you don’t have a Kindle and you have an iPad or iPhone or an Android based pad or phone you can download the Kindle Reader from iTunes Store or Google Play. If  a pad or phone is not your style, you can also download a PC version or Mac version of the Kindle Reader.

An excerpt from the book:

In November 1980, one week after the crosstown competitors squared off for their last game of the season, someone raised the stakes beyond the realm of petty vandalism and theft and committed a cruel, monstrous act. The carnival was in town with its rides, games, and sideshows and was finishing its last night in Valdosta before returning to Florida for the winter.

After the carnival closed for the night, people leaving the back gate discovered twelve-year-old Allison Pritchard’s bloody, lifeless body in front of the back gate’s ticket booth. Her throat was cut from ear to ear. Hanging around her neck was a sign, painted in her own blood:

“We Hate Carnies and Wildcats”

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